April 18-21, 2024

Our Vision

The Lehman Avenue church of Christ is an authentic, growing family trying to empower our whole community to please God and go to heaven.

A place for you.

Join us this Sunday morning at 9:30am. We meet Sunday nights at 6pm and Wednesday nights at 7pm.


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Bible Classes for All Ages

Every Wednesday night has been set aside for mid-week Bible study and a devotional for the whole church and guests. You can expect the following schedule: Bible classes are available for all ages. This time is used to study God’s Word, and to encourage each other in our daily walk with God. Class options for early 2024: The Prayer Life of Jesus: (Jeremy Waddell & Darrell Dubree) – auditorium Psalm II (Neal Pollard) – Multi-purpose room As a group, we…
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Sunday Morning Worship and Bible Classes

Adult Bible Class Options for Early 2024 Fundamentals of the Faith (Clint Harbison & Josh Adkins) – auditorium Romans – Hiram Kemp – Multi-Purpose Room What to Expect for Worship Visiting a new church can be intimidating. When you’re our guest at the Lehman Avenue Church of Christ, you will never be asked to stand up and introduce yourself or do any other activity that makes you feel uncomfortable. We’d just love to have you! We want you to feel comfortable…

I’m New Here

We welcome you to visit this Sunday…

Church Blog

20 Marks of a Life Lived by Faith

Our theme this year at Lehman Avenue is Living by faith. This theme is based on the words found in Romans 1:17 where Paul quotes from Habakkuk 2:4. When Paul writes, “the righteous shall live by faith,” he is saying those made right with God through the gospel should live their lives faithfully based upon that foundation. How can someone tell if we are living by faith? How can we tell? Are there any tangible signs? Here are some of…

Always Rejoicing

What would it be like to live always rejoicing? Well, it is possible even in a complex world where suffering is a consequence of our actions or the acts of those around us. God in His goodness and love has left His church so that in any circumstance we can find a way to rejoice (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and wait while we understand how those situations will work together for Good (Romans 8:28). I’m sure that the church on Lehman…

Reasons to Attend Bible Class Every Sunday

Attend because you want to honor God in the special way that occurs when the church assembles to study His Word (1 Tim. 4:13) Attend because you want to encourage others and be with them every opportunity you can (1 Thess. 5:11; Rom. 15:4) Attend because you find the study of God’s Word so meaningful (Psa. 119:105) Attend because there’s so much of the Bible you have yet to master, and you want to hear what the teacher and the…

Building Blocks of a Strong Church

Jesus promised to build his church and he guaranteed the gates of hades would not stop him from keeping his promise (Matt. 16:18-19). When we read the book of Acts we learn of how the church started in Jerusalem and eventually spread throughout the entire Roman Empire (Acts1:8; Col. 1:23). While the first century church was not perfect they were successful in doing the things Jesus wanted them to do. We should read and study Acts for many reasons, but…