Mission Work

The goal of the Missions Centerpoint Vision Group is to share the gospel with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear it by supporting missionaries in various locations throughout the world.

United States

  • Federick Hicher – Bartow, Florida
  • Matt Jones – Huron, South Dakota
  • David Decker – State of Georgia
  • Brad Harrub – Focus Press Publishing
  • Georgia School of Preaching
  • Ben Fronczek — Granville, Vermont

Evangelize Kentucky

Worldwide Missions

  • Somerset West Church of Christ — Western Cape, South Africa
  • Ghana Bible College
  • Krishna Gopal Khadgee – Nepal Native Preacher Training – Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Dale Byrum – Phillipines
  • Trevor Major – New Zealand
  • B. M. Sabir — Nawabtown Sahiwal, Pakistan
  • Albert Isaacs – Island of Anguila