The CREW at Lehman Avenue Church of Christ

If you have attended college far from your home, you know how difficult that transition can be for a young person just out of high school. Couple that with the fact that many young people struggle spiritually in this phase of life, college can be a tough place for the development and retention of one’s faith. 

Lehman Avenue’s college group, The CREW (Connected, Ready, Equipped, Willing), led by the College and Young Adults Vision Group, aims to provide a spiritual home away from home for our local college students. 

Our aim is to be the hub for young people who desire to be Connected, Ready, Equipped, and Willing:

Connected (Gal. 3:28)

Whether it be friendships between students or lasting relationships with members, we want to foster a sense of belonging and oneness in Christ.

Ready (1 Peter 3:15)

Checking in on a friend, assisting with community outreach, or even something as simple as praying for someone, we want to develop a state of readiness for service.

Equipped (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

To get a job done, one must be properly equipped for the task. We want to equip our young people with the Word of God for a life of love, truth, and faith.

Willing (Psalm 51:12)

None of the rest matters if one lacks the willing spirit to carry out the work that needs to be done. We want to encourage willingness not only learn but to take on the opportunities presented in our lives for good work.

Weekly Events:

Each week, we have regular meetings that help us get closer to each other and closer to God.

Grub Night (Tuesdays 6PM)

Every Tuesday at 6PM, we gather at a hosting member’s home to share a home-cooked meal, hear a short devotional, and just hang out! Among the busy schedules, homework, and tests, this is an excellent opportunity to decompress with friends and enjoy a nice evening of food and fun. 

Wednesday Night Meals (Wednesdays 6PM)

Every Wednesday at 6PM during semesters, members will prepare home-cooked meals for students that they can enjoy before Wednesday night worship service. Come enjoy a meal on us, and join us for devotional and class right after—two birds with one stone!

Throughout the semester, we will have events and activities that we plan out among ourselves. As we get closer together, the more we hang out and have fun—all the while growing spiritually! Come join us!