April 18-21, 2024

Our Vision

The Lehman Avenue church of Christ is an authentic, growing family trying to empower our whole community to please God and go to heaven.

A place for you.

Join us this Sunday morning at 9:30am. We meet Sunday nights at 6pm and Wednesday nights at 7pm.


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Bible Classes for All Ages

Every Wednesday night has been set aside for mid-week Bible study and a devotional for the whole church and guests. You can expect the following schedule: Bible classes are available for all ages. This time is used to study God’s Word, and to encourage each other in our daily walk with God. Class options for early 2024: The Prayer Life of Jesus: (Jeremy Waddell & Darrell Dubree) – auditorium Psalm II (Neal Pollard) – Multi-purpose room As a group, we…
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Sunday Morning Worship and Bible Classes

Adult Bible Class Options for Early 2024 Fundamentals of the Faith (Clint Harbison & Josh Adkins) – auditorium Romans – Hiram Kemp – Multi-Purpose Room What to Expect for Worship Visiting a new church can be intimidating. When you’re our guest at the Lehman Avenue Church of Christ, you will never be asked to stand up and introduce yourself or do any other activity that makes you feel uncomfortable. We’d just love to have you! We want you to feel comfortable…

I’m New Here

We welcome you to visit this Sunday…

Church Blog

This is Not My Home

In an understatement, I am not a world traveler. I had much rather spend time at home than traveling, especially to places far from home. I’m a homebody, so traveling to unfamiliar places is not easy. Yet, I have occasionally wondered what folks in other parts of the world are like. I recently learned when I journeyed far from home. I most likely do not blend in very well. I certainly would be identified as an outsider rather quickly if…

Clarifying Love

Love is one of the most misunderstood and abused words in the English language. Some of the more unloving things are done in its name. It is confused with lust, neglect, abuse, ignorance, and encouragement of evil. Even in religion, love is the banner of everything from hatred and terrorism to gross immorality and perversion. It is helpful to remind ourselves what constitutes love. LOVE DOES NOT ENABLE WEAKNESS. Pretending that a loved one does not have a sin problem…

Faith That Makes a Difference

Wouldn’t it be great to have it said of us at the end of our lives that we pleased God and even impressed him with how we lived? When we read the gospels one of the things that stands out is how often Jesus praised people for having faith in him. Whenever someone believed he could heal, forgive, or restore he made sure to applaud their faith and point it out for his disciples. Jesus never praised any one for…

Why These Are Exciting Times

I am filled with a tremendous sense of optimism that is not generated by politics, current events, the media, the economy, or any other worldly thing. Yet, I cannot shake this swelling tide of hope that fills me on a daily basis. It is a hope for what the church and its members can be in the face of the growing challenges we face in this culture and around the world. Why are these such exciting times? The darkness is…