Seeing Through Others’ Eyes

Seeing Through Others’ Eyes

What is the greatest trial? What do men so despise?

The hardest climb and dreariest mile Is seeing through another’s eyes.


It may appear uncomplicated, Completely cut and dry,

But our “skills” may be overrated, As we try to see through the other’s eye.


We don’t know what they’re thinking, Can’t know their circumstance

Or how abruptly their heart is sinking, From our outward, presumptuous glance


Their motivation is quite hidden, About their intentions we have no clue,

Reading minds God made forbidden, We can’t see from their point of view.


Instead, the chore is vital, As we look on from without,

Our object is entitled, To every benefit of the doubt.


Let’s pray for them, be their servant, Love them with a Christ-like love,

Show a kindness warm and fervent, Trust the All-Seeing-Eye above.


Treat them how we’d want to be treated, Treat them strictly by The Book,

Leave their heart to the One seated, Who can watch with a perfect look.


The challenge becomes less daunting When we cut it down to size

And we give what we’re always wanting A loving look from through Jesus’ eyes.




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