My Father, From An Early Age

My Father, From An Early Age

My father, from an early age you taught me to be true,

But when I wavered on what that was, I could always look at you.

You taught me how the Lord comes first at work, at school, at play

But how much easier that became when you practiced that each day.

Dear child, I may not perfectly that narrow path traverse

But when you see me fail, dear child, I pray I will reverse

For fathers come, they teach us much, and character is fashioned

By what we think and say and do, by each prayer and passion

Dear Father, help me teach my children to walk in holy ways

But let me do that by my living, I have but a fleeting, few days

May Your lessons, Lord, they come to learn at my feet of clay,

Instill a faith that will survive ’til they get to the Judgment Day.


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