A Brief Orientation For Our Upcoming EQUIPPED Workshop

A Brief Orientation For Our Upcoming EQUIPPED Workshop

On the Lehman web page, there is an FAQ for our upcoming workshop, April 20-23,

right here at the building. Registration continues to climb every day. Please take a moment to do so, if you haven’t already. Consider this article to be a supplement to the information there.

Perhaps you, your parents, or grandparents watch(ed) Jeopardy growing up. One of the distinct features of the show was that there were answer clues, and contestants had to supply the questions. I thought we’d give eight answers and their connected questions to help you understand more about this event we tend to talk about every time we assemble (and many times in between).

  • E  “Everyone” Who is EQUIPPED for?
  • Q  “Quality” What word would you use to describe the speakers and topics for this


  • U  “Urgent” How important is it for my family and me to register for EQUIPPED?
  • I  “Involvement” Why should I help prepare for and be a part of this workshop (see

    Ephesians 4:16)?

  • P  “Personally” How should I take all the announcements and invites to be a part of

    and invite others to EQUIPPED?

  • P  “Prioritize” In what way should I treat this workshop when it comes to attending,

    even if it means taking a vacation day or skipping “honey do” projects that


  • E  “Eternally” What is the most important way this workshop will impact my life and

    the life of my family?

  • D  “Daily” How often should I pray for, prepare for, and think about EQUIPPED?

    A lot of time, effort, and money has been poured into making EQUIPPED the very best it can be. Every Lehman member who resolves to be a part of it will make it that much more successful. We can make all our guests feel at home. We can make contacts with friends from the community that we will try to win to Christ. We can grow in grace and knowledge (2 Pet. 3:18). We can do all this by being a part of the EQUIPPED workshop. April 20-23. Right here. Thank you for your intense interest in spiritual things! God will bless you for it.


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