Building Blocks of a Strong Church

Building Blocks of a Strong Church

Jesus promised to build his church and he guaranteed the gates of hades would not stop him from keeping his promise (Matt. 16:18-19). When we read the book of Acts we learn of how the church started in Jerusalem and eventually spread throughout the entire Roman Empire (Acts1:8; Col. 1:23). While the first century church was not perfect they were successful in doing the things Jesus wanted them to do. We should read and study Acts for many reasons, but especially to see what made the church strong in the early days. If we can learn from scripture the things that led to their success then we can reduplicate their efforts in our own time and enjoy the same.

Here are some of the things that Acts shows us which led to the church being strong and healthy:

  • Biblical preaching (Acts 2:14-36, 3:11-26, 7:1-53, 13:26-47)
  • Prayer to God in the face of opposition and hostility (Acts 4:24-30)
  • Practicing church discipline when necessary (Acts 5:1-14, 8:20-23)
  • Leaders prioritizing their spiritual responsibilities (Acts 6:4)
  • A readiness and willingness to serve those in need (Acts 6:3-6, 11:28-30)
  • Boldness and conviction in sharing the gospel (Acts 4:13, 4:31)
  • Generous hearts among the members (Acts 2:44-45, 4:32-37)
  • Scriptural and life shaping worship (Acts 2:42, 20:7)
  • The removal of prejudicial barriers among people groups (Acts 11:18, 15:6-12)
  • Engaging the culture around them with love and the truth of the gospel (Acts 17:16-32)
  • Every-member evangelism (Acts 8:4)
  • Personal Bible studies (Acts 8:26-40)
  • Sending out and supporting missionaries (Acts 13:1-3)
  • Gave God all the glory (Acts 2:47, 5:14, 6:7, 11:24, 12:24)
  • Unafraid to share hard truths with important people (Acts 24:25)
  • God’s presence (Acts 18:10; 27:24)

I’m sure more could be added to this list, but this is enough to show us the heart of what God’s kingdom thrive with its initial birth into the world. If we look at this list and Acts as a whole, and follow in their footsteps we will be strong and enjoy the same success in our generation!


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