He Can Carry What’s Too Heavy For You

He Can Carry What’s Too Heavy For You

We struggle and strain to carry our load

We buckle as it gets heavier on our backs

We fall and hurt on this rough, rocky road

The weight makes us stop in our tracks

Looking around with a face full of pleading

We wonder who is observing our pain

We’re wounded, weary, broken and bleeding

Set to surrender from the stress and strain

Tears flow freely, we have been here before

We know how the journey seems endless

Certain we can’t make it alone to the door

We feel solitude, helpless and friendless

It’s bigger than us, crushing and enormous

And the contents shameful and unsightly

We’ve borne it so long it’s begun to conform us

To a stooped struggler holding on tightly

A voice calling gently, “Bring it over to Me,

I can help you and give you My best,

Your burden is heavy, I know you are weary,

Come to Me and I will give you rest.”

Could you double down, wincing and worn,

Grit your teeth and ignore His free aid?

Eventually, it will bury you after making you mourn

You know an exorbitant price must be paid.

He is able and willing, but waiting for you

To seek what He offers you without reservation

Let Him do for you what only He can do

Give your burdens to Christ with no hesitation.

Think of the journey, partnered with

One Without limits in power, purity and pity

Who’ll stay with you until your journey is done

As together you arrive at His heavenly city.


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