A Sermon for Children

A Sermon for Children

When you read the gospels it is apparent that no one loved children more than Jesus. Jesus held children up as an example of the type of character that must be possessed to enter the kingdom (Matt. 18:1-5). He assured his disciples that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children and those like them (Matt. 19:13-14). While Jesus did not heal every sick person or raise every dead person from the grave it is interesting to see those who did benefit from his miracles (cf. Jn. 21:25). Jesus raised the widow of Nain’s son (Lk. 7:11-17) and Jairus’ daughter (Lk. 8:40-56). Jesus healed an official’s son (Jn. 4:43-54), a gentile woman’s demon-possessed daughter (Matt. 15:21-28), and a boy with an unclean spirit (Mk. 9:14-29). Children were often beneficiaries of Jesus’ miracles and those he exalted as models for adults to follow. To follow in the steps of Jesus is to be interested in the physical and spiritual well-being of children in the same way that he was.

It has been said that the Bible is deep enough for a scholar to ponder for a lifetime, but simple enough for a child to grasp. As we preach and teach we should do so in a way that children can understand. This means that though everything we preach will not be immediately applicable to those in elementary school or middle school we should still communicate in a way that they will comprehend and grasp. Moreover, we should occasionally preach and teach lessons that are targeted specifically for them. This happens regularly in Bible classes, during VBS, pew packers, with Lads to Leaders training, church camp, and a host of other activities. In addition to those times, we want to occasionally preach sermons directed specifically at our young people. This Sunday night the sermon will be especially for the children. This does not mean that there will not be anything in it for adults to learn, but the children will be the primary target audience. The lesson will deal with Five Words that Every Child Should Know. The goal is for the sermon to target five words or biblical concepts that children should learn as soon and frequently as possible.

I hope your children and grandchildren can be present and will sit up front on the first few rows as they hear a sermon crafted specifically for them. Lehman Avenue is a church where the elders are concerned with the spiritual growth and development of every member at every age. We have parents, deacons, Bible class teachers, and members who are all invested in the development and growth of our young people. What an amazing blessing! We’re looking forward to seeing you all Sunday night, especially your children!


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