Commit to the Success of EQUIPPED

Commit to the Success of EQUIPPED

APPEAL. ANNOUNCE. ASSIST. ATTEND. It’s possible that you have seen these words on the Lehman Facebook Members Group page. On April 20-23, 2023, we will have some of the greatest men and women speakers in the entire brotherhood converging on our facilities to challenge us to make our Christianity more practical. They will motivate, encourage, and convict you. In addition to SEVEN of our members (David Chang, Dawson Eubank, Caden Hammer, Brittani Kemp, Hiram Kemp, Kathy Pollard, and myself), we will have TWENTY-EIGHT speakers (Tyler Alverson, Garrett Bookout, Kirk Brothers, Doug Burleson, Jerry Carmichael, Leah Faughn, Scott Harp, Emily Hatfield, Robert Hatfield, Steve Higginbotham, Glenn Hitchcock, Dean Miller, Carla Moore, John Moore, Dan Owen, Eric Owens, Carl Pollard, Dale Pollard, Brandon Rader, Ty Rhymes, Lisa Ripperton, Dave Rogers, Daniel Stearsman, Katrina Stearsman, Cherie Vestal, Mike Vestal, Bart Warren, and Dan Winkler) from EIGHT states (Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia).

There’s not ever been an event of this magnitude hosted and sponsored by Lehman Avenue. It truly requires “all hands on deck.” Much of the logistics and execution of tasks as a part of EQUIPPED will be spearheaded by our “Vision Groups.” They will need so many volunteers! Please say with the prophet, “Here am I! Send me!” (Isa. 6:8). How can you help EQUIPPED be a success?

APPEAL. Commit to pray about this. Pray at least once each day for its success!

ANNOUNCE. Commit to share this. From a personal invitation to posting about it on social media, say something about it daily.

ASSIST. Commit to care about this. Find out at least one way you can serve before, during, and/or after EQUIPPED.

ATTEND. Commit to be there. Be present every day of the workshop for as much of the day as you possibly can.
Who knows the good this will do? We anticipate guests from near and far. We will benefit from the lessons, we will encourage the speakers, and we will be practicing hospitality by being here and being engaged. It is only 102 days until EQUIPPED begins. Let’s commit today and God will bless our efforts with success (Neh. 2:20).


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